A Shout-out for Old-school Advising from the Founder of Khan Academy

Wired Campus’ Alisha Azevedo writes that Salman Khan has described his vision for colleges and universities of the future in The One World School House: Education Reimagined. While schools of the future might deemphasize traditional lecture-based learning, successful institutions would provide more focused mentoring and advising than is common today, and would not do away with the residential experience. “Traditional universities proudly list the Nobel laureates they have on campus (most of whom have little to no interaction with students),… Our university would list the great entrepreneurs, inventors, and executives serving as student advisers and mentors.”
Khan, with his amazing library of free YouTube math tutorials, may be part of a radically new way of learning, but he touches on some of the traditional qualities that make college worth spending your time and money on. Students benefit from close relationships with faculty and advisors who know who they are and are interested in their intellectual transformation and growth.
I was happy to hear a good word for academic advising from such an unexpected and respected figure as the founder of Khan Academy. I’m looking forward to reading Khan’s book.
Read Azevedo’s post at the Chronicle’s Wired Campus and book info on Google Books.


~ by Tracy on 2012/11/30.

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