EdCamp Keene 2013

EdCamp, I have fallen in love with you all over again. Friday, August 9th was EdCamp Keene, a particpant-driven unconference by and for K-16 (or is it P-20?) educators. That’s right, K-12 and higher ed mixed professional development! Those who work outside education might not realize how rare that is. 

At an unconference anyone who wants to can present an idea for a session; you just write your title on a big sticky note and post it on the agenda that morning. Conversations are favored over scripted presentations, and you find out whether your idea has legs in the moment by whether people show up in the room and stay there for a while having an engaging dialogue. 

Unconferences are also free, another element that makes them near and dear to fans of participatory democracy like me. Like all simple, obvious ideas, it took us forever to come up with them. Not surprisingly, the tech nerds were among the first to embrace them and held unconferences called barcamps. (The bar refers to foobar, not drinking establishments.) EdCamp Keene 2011 was the third ever EdCamp, and EdCamp Keene 2013 was the 300th. Talk about an idea with legs!

I left Keene on Friday completely charged up about the community of educators that came together and the ideas I’d encountered at sessions on: 

  • Let’s Play with iMovie*
  • Coaches’ Eye 
  • Rasperry Pi
  • Intrusion and Ubiquity: To Text or Not to Text (instigated by yours truly)
  • Becoming Badass

Thanks to Antioch University for hosting the event, and Lara Thomas and Dan Callahan for organizing it. 

*For anyone looking for the fly in the EdCamp ointment, when I got home and installed iMovie on my iPod Touch, the only Apple device in my home, I found out that the Touch version does not have the Trailer feature. No Bollywood movie trailer-style films of my ducks, my cat, or my department at work. I was truly devastated for about five minutes. However, if I had the technology to create Bollywood duck movies, why would I ever do anything else? We narrowly missed creating a monster there. 


~ by Tracy on 2013/08/11.

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