Writing help by phone with Join.me

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Yesterday I had a successful writing help session with a student over the phone using a screen-sharing program called Join.me. With Join.me I could show the student what was on my screen just by emailing her a link for her to click on. Following the link, she could see my computer screen in her browser window. I brought up the Word document she had emailed me, and I could scroll around in the paper so we were both looking at the same thing at the same time as we discussed possibilities for global revision of her paper.

Screen sharing was even more helpful when we were discussing mechanical issues like in-text citations, reference lists, and headers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, live video is worth a million when you’re trying to talk where you’d put a signal phrase, format a citation, or have Word automatically insert an APA format header on each page of a paper. Screen sharing saved so much time over compared to verbal description that I even had time to explain why I use Ctrl-Enter for a hard return at the top of a reference list!

Join.me is practical for those of us with older computers and limited budgets, too. The basic version of the program is free and it doesn’t take a lot of memory to run. I’m sure there are a lot of other educational applications for it besides writing. You can get the program at https://join.me/.


~ by Tracy on 2013/08/15.

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